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Headquarters at Googleplex

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One Workplace by Steelcase

Slotted Sofa Makes It Easier To Dine in Front of the TV

Eating dinner off a TV tray is an awkward experience because it and your sofa were designed separately, preventing them from working together in harmony. And that’s an oversight that Merely’s Marcin Wielgosz has solved with this brilliant Hocky seating collection featuring custom designed end tables that slot into sofas and loungers.

World's Coolest Offices | 2012

These 20 offices are some of the world’s best-designed and most awe-inspiring. Ping-pong tables and bright plastic furnishings are so 2011. This year, the companies with impressive digs havetaken a more nuanced approach to giving their employees a covetable workplace. Lavish libraries? Check. Classic mid-century modern chairs? Check. Exposed beams, bricks, and concrete? Definitely. Another observation: Several offices that made our list of editor’s picks this year house relatively young (and very fast-growing) tech start-up companies. They’re so cool they’ve pushed Facebook right off the list.

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America's Most Innovative Neighborhood: 15 Square Miles In New Mexico, Population: 0

TThe new city—CITE, as the locals and out-of-town developers call it—will similarly have a kind of downtown, a retail district, residential neighborhoods, and collar communities. It will have functioning roads, self-sustaining utilities, and its own communications infrastructure. It will not, however, have a single permanent resident.

To all the architecture students

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